Do you feel overwhelmed and on the brink of burnout?

Do you feel guilty at work because you’re thinking about the home, and feel guilty at home because you’re thinking about work?

Do you feel trapped by the societal pressure to conform to an outdated gender role?

Do you feel talked-down to or condescended when you try to escape those outdated gender roles?

Would you like to be more present at work, but feel that the mental load of your personal responsibilities is chipping away your focus?

Would you like to take a break to recharge, but feel that the chores list is never ending?

Would you like to delegate and share the load, but find yourself having trouble letting go?

Would you like to take a more active role in one of the spheres of your life, but feel controlled and micro-managed?

Do you feel uncomfortable just reading this list, but still made it this far?

The Fair Play Method is here to help!

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