• Do you feel overwhelmed and on the brink of burnout?
  • Do you feel guilty at work because you’re thinking about the home, and feel guilty at home because you’re thinking about work?
  • Do you feel trapped by the societal pressure to conform to an outdated gender role?
  • Do you feel talked-down to or condescended when you try to escape those outdated gender roles?
  • Would you like to be more present at work, but feel that the mental load of your personal responsibilities is chipping away your focus?
  • Would you like to take a break to recharge, but feel that the chores list is never ending?
  • Would you like to delegate and share the load, but find yourself having trouble letting go?
  • Would you like to take a more active role in one of the spheres of your life, but feel controlled and micro-managed?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable just reading this list, but still made it this far?

The Fair Play Method is here to help!

What is the Fair Play Method?

A system that sets families, partners or couples up for success in their relationships and parenting. It’s about finding sustainable balance in your life.

The Fair Play system borrows from proven organizational management principles, that optimize efficiency and focuses on saving time, improving outcomes and reducing stress and anxiety for everyone.

How does it work?

  • Revisit your values – what is important to you, and how you express those values.
  • Define what is needed to run your home, parenting, and family and create a deck of cards – each card represents a task or activity.
  • Define for each card what it takes it terms of Conception, Planning and Execution (CPE).
  • Define for each card a Minimum Standard of Care (MSC).
  • Deal the cards – not all cards are created equal. The goal is equity, not 50/50.
  • Re-deal the cards regularly.
  • Enjoy free time, free mental space and flourish as a person, a couple and a family!

What can I help you with?

  • Understand the messages we've internalized that cause one gender to take on a majority of unpaid labor and caregiving responsibilities and the other gender to be almost excluded from the experience of parenting and homemaking.
  • Free yourself from unhelpful societal messages and inherited cultural stereotypes that prevent you from being your true self.
  • Reframe your boundaries to give yourself permission to be unavailable and to find your voice.
  • Reframe your boundaries to give yourself permission to assert your legitimacy and right to occupy the space you crave – be it at the office or at home.
  • Reduce your own mental load by "redealing" how work, domestic and caregiving tasks and responsibilities are managed.
  • Support you through the onboarding, implementation, and ongoing practice of the Fair Play system.
  • Reduce burnout by creating more equity in your home.