Mind Tree Coaching is a training and professional coaching company focused on self improvement, personal development and helping you become the best version of yourself.

I am a psychologist, and I'm passionate about personal development. I have more than 20 years of experience in training, coaching and human resources.

As a coach, I focus on accompanying you on goal setting, strengths, and weaknesses analysis, exploring your value system and projecting into the future: vision and personal project and developing tools for success and lasting change.

Hi, I’m Alexandra Neves

I’m a Psychologist with a Masters in Human Resources Management. I’m an ICF accredited ACC coach and a certified NLP Master Practitioner.

I’m experienced in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a certified Brain Coach. I’m also a certified Fair Play Method facilitator, helping clients find more quality time in their lives, more balance and an equitable distribution of their mental load.

Feedback Course Mirror mirror on the wall

"Excellent course! Full of different techniques of self knowledge and self improvement which give useful and often surprising insight. Indeed like a mirror but one where you can see yourself from all angles including hidden ones. Will definitely implement a lot from this course in my life and can already feel a level of understanding and acceptance of myself I didn't feel before. Highly recommended!"

Feedback Curso Afinal sou un cisne

"Curso excelente! O conteúdo daria para preencher vários cursos. Vou provavelmente revê-lo durante meses enquanto vou trabalhando em cada etapa de desenvolvimento pessoal."

Feedback Coaching

"Thank you so much for guiding me through my program. You were a steady and consistent coach and I really appreciate your time and attention.

It was great to know I was heard, understood and supported in regards to the issues and concerns that I am facing primarily at work. Alex always found a positive perspective in every situation."